Earring Gallery

A peek at designs that have sold! If you see a style you love, contact me! 

The IVORI could only be pulled off by a queen, her name happens to be Joyce! Three snaps in Z formation. (lilies + boxwoods)

The BRENNA (peonies + sunflowers)

The ELIZABETH could only be rocked by someone with a unique sense of style, flair, and a tad of sass. xoxo

The DANIELA (gomphrenas)

The ADELE (peonies, carnations + gold)

The KELLE will be a sweet Galentine's Day present! (mini daisies)

The GIGI is the first pair made with Irises!

The CHELSEA is off to the one and only AIMEE #musante (tulips, purple daisies + wildflowers)

The ABIGAIL could only be sported by a girl with style and flair who goes big in all areas of life! (alstroemerias, gomphrenas + gold)

The AVA is en route to the lovely Carissa!

The VIVEN (roses + gold)

The TERRI's brightness will pale in comparison to Adrienne's light and joy! (sunflowers)

The HAILEY (baby's breath + gold)

The VALENTINA found the best home with a girl who has a gift for creating the most beautiful bouquets, Stacie!

The HANNAH will be stunning on the lovely Shannon M.

The KIM KARDASHIAN will be rocked by one of the dearest friends someone could have, Kristy!

The ISRAEL (boxwoods)

The ANNA HENDO (itty bitty wildflowers)

The NAOMI JR (boxwoods)

The CHELSEA will be rock by a girl whose natural beauty rivals that of flowers, Anna! (roses + gomphrenas)

The RERE (boxwoods + gold)

The HEATHER (gomphrenas)

The MELINDA will look gorgeous on the girl whose spirit shines like the sun, Marybeth! (sunflowers)

The FLORENCE is en route to my favorite state, California!! (alstroemerias + gold)

The EDEN is headed to the place I called home for 14 years, Richmond, VA! (boxwoods)

The JULIETTE is going to to look good in that California backdrop! (boxwoods, baby's breath and gomphrenas)

The REBECCA is also headed to CA! (roses + gold)

The AINSLEY is about to be a fun surprise for someone! (roses + gold)

The DIANE is going to one of the purest, strongest women I know. XO (roses + baby's breath)

The HARPER will be worn by a natural beauty and real mermaid, ESheets! (boxwoods)

The PHEOBE (pink + yellow/orangish roses)

The J.LO's were sold to a native New Yorker (so good) and baller BOSS lady, Natalie! (roses)

The ERINN's laurel shape is about to grace the powerful and beautifully victorious Nicole! (boxwoods)

The EIFFEL is headed to NYC, I can't wait for IVORI do make its debut in the big apple! (boxwoods)

The LUCI is about to be a fun surprise for someone special! (boxwoods)

The LEIGHTON (boxwoods + daises + alstroemerias)

The ROSALINA + LEIGHTON will be rocked by one of most effortlessly beautiful gals I know, Shannon! (roses)

The DEBBIE is tiny but regal and about to be worn with a girl who carries such grace and style, Nisha! (boxwoods)

The MAKAYLA, full of pink roses and bronze, is going to be a showshopper on Shawn M. (roses + bronze)

The EVIE, made with dense blazing star petals, is about to bless someone with happiness, joy, and bliss! (dense blazing star)

The JESS will be rocked by Jess, it WILL be fabulous! (gomphrenas)

The MARY is off to warmer climates as a surprise for someone. May these gladiolus' bring them much joy!

The ATHENA will be rocked by my old work sister Jamie! (boxwoods + baby's breath)

The MILDRED was named after the best mom ever, and purchased by someone whose mom's name was Mildred. How fun?! (mums)

The LYDIA was named after a generous business woman. I couldn't imagine a better woman to wear these than Vanessa! (boxwoods)

The DEBORAH is about to get lit with style by Dominque! (roses)

The LYON is going to be rocked by the main LIONESS, Rachel! (lilies + boxwoods)

The NAOMI sold to the beautifully wise Trel! (boxwoods)

The GEORGIA is going to look stunning on the girl who's in love with all things peaches, Lori! (roses + gold)

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